This classic Pilates exercise is considered ‘basic’ – but it actually requires A LOT of control to preform it correctly without straining the lower back. It’s an amazing exercise to focus on the low abs and the deep abdominal muscles like the Psoas. By practicing this core strength exercise at your own pace you’ll safely build intense core stability and tone your lower abs.

  • Keep your spine pressed down into the mat the entire time – this is called ‘imprinting the spine’
  • Keep pressing your tailbone slightly forward while preforming the exercise – even though you’re keeping your spine pressed down you want to keep your legs above your hips and no farther in towards your chest
  • Softly bend your knees if your hamstrings are tight
  • You can rest your head on the floor if the exercise becomes too intense with it lifted – when you do this it’s especially important to focus on keeping your spine imprinted into the mat
  • Only lower your legs as far as you can without your lower back popping up off the floor
  • Move your legs in a range of motion you can control completely – you should have as much control of your lower body as you lift it up as you do when you lower it down… no swinging the legs!
  • No hands under the hips! I don’t know who started this variation but it’s just not right…

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