This core strength exercise is a double shot! We get an inner thigh leg exercise paired with a core-centric ab exercise to yield awesome tone and strength all over. This is a awesome compliment to the original Frog Legs exercise, which targets the glutes and hamstrings. Try one move two different ways and get an all over leg core workout!

  • First, focus on stabilizing your hips and pelvis – practice holding the “neutral position” with your spine, tailbone grounded, while keeping your head rested and just moving the legs directly above your hips
  • Keep heels together and toes turned out – knees should face out at about a 45* angle and you should be able to look at the arches of your feet
  • Keep feet flexed, pulling your toes back towards your shins the entire time
  • When you progress to lifting your head or adding the dynamic chest lift make sure you feel your low back pressing into the mat when you lift your head – this makes sure you’re really engaging your low abs and supporting your low back

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