This core ab exercise requires a lot more control than people think. When you do it correctly it’s freakin’ hard! Remember to take it slow and use as much control as you can possibly muster – work with your breath, extending the right leg on your inhale, and transitioning to extend your left leg on your exhale. Work up from a set of 6 (one leg extension on each side = one set) to doing 12-15 slow, controlled, perfect sets :)

  • Make sure you keep your lower back pressing into the floor THE ENTIRE TIME.
  • Keep your ribcage pulling into your spine and scoop out the area around your belly button – this should feel as if you’re wearing a corset (if you can imagine with me for a moment ;)
  • Imagine the your hips are anchored to the mat by a steel belt across the front. They CANNOT move up an inch on either side, they stay perfectly glued.
  • Keep even weight in both your hips, even as you add rotation in the upper body. Make that added rotation come from the space between your ribcage and the top of you hips – everything else stays the same.
  • Keep your elbows so wide that you can’t see them out of the corners of your eyes. Keep your chest open – this helps take the strain out of the neck and isolates the abs even more
  • Start trying the exercise with the legs pointed towards the corner where the ceiling and the wall meet. As you gain strength and stability increase that hip angle a little at a time until the legs are eventually lower, toes pointing out just above hip height as you extend your leg

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